The VKBG series of routers is an upgrade to the traditional planer.
It adopts frame structure and high-strength bolt connection, which has good overall rigidity and small deformation.
The series of beams are fixed, the workpiece is fed by the rear feeding mechanism, and the working table is made of carbon tool. The hardness of the high-frequency surface is 55-60HRC (normal table top <30HRC), so that the hardness of the table is much larger than the hardness of the stainless steel. The traditional model has the phenomenon of groove marks due to the low hardness of the work surface, ensuring the flatness of the work surface ≤±0.03mm, completely solving the problem of reducing the accuracy of the V-shaped groove due to the deformation of the work surface, and prolonging the service life of the equipment.
The loading and unloading device is arranged before and after the workbench to prevent the sheet material from being scratched during the processing.

VKBG Vertical V-Cutting

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