Riveting Machine - Hydraulic Riveting Machine

The hydraulic riveting machine uses a punching machine and a special connecting die to pass an instantaneous high-pressure machining process. According to the cold extrusion deformation of the material of the plate itself, a stress-free concentrated internal mosaic dot with certain tensile and shear strength is formed. , you can connect two or more layers of different materials and different thicknesses.
The hydraulic riveting machine does not require any surface on the surface of the plate, and the original plating and paint layer on the surface of the plate at the joint is not damaged. The connection process is highly automated, and can be connected at the same time at a single point or multiple points. It can perform damage-free connection strength detection and automatic monitoring of the entire process, and has high production efficiency. The rivetless connection technology is a new type of connection method that gradually replaces the traditional backward connection process. Because of the connection methods used so far, there are economic and technical deficiencies. We only use spot welding as an example. Its equipment is expensive and the connection cost is high. It is difficult to connect multi-layer plates and plated plates or aluminum, copper and stainless steel plates, and for painted plates, different material plates, Plates with excessive thickness differences and plates with interlayers in the middle cannot be connected. At the same time, the spot welding connection destroys the plating on the surface of the plate and causes thermal deformation. Moreover, it is impossible to perform automatic detection without damage to all unreliable factors in the connection process. In addition, with the traditional connection method, the cost of a single piece of joint is too high, such as in the riveting or threading method, the preparation work plus the corresponding delivery and spare parts costs, resulting in high costs.

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